Cleanups and other news.

Hello all, 

Here is a run-down of bits of news, cleanups and other things that are happening over the next while. 

Harvest Fair Richmond Barracks,  Saturday Cleanup,

This is a lovely event happening next weekend. IEG will be doing a cleanup in advance of it, meeting 10am on Saturday morning at Richmond Barracks and we’ll fan out from there,depending on numbers. 

We’re also hoping to team up with Bluebell for a canal cleanup probably on October 8th.

Issues raised to DCC

  • Neglect of the St Michael’s Parish Centre and HSE Eve Tuiscint while in limbo before the big development. In Progress – we hope to get these cleaned up soon
  • Flooding of the canal towpath near the nursing home in Winter and heavy rain – DCC currently investigating a solution.
  • Top of Goldenbridge Terrace, muddy area near carpark – this has been cleaned up by DCC with the intention it becomes a greenspace. 
  • Grattan Crescent park – ongoing littering. As well as ongoing reporting and litter pickng we are compiling a list of incidents to forward to DCC to get more attention paid to rest of the park, following the excellent refurbishment of the playground. 

Citizen Scientist – water monitoring. We need you help!

As part of the FreshWater Watch Water Blitz 2022 – in conjunction with Earthwatch Europe 30th September – 3rd October 2022 . We are looking for people to be part of a water sampling project to check the quality of the water in the various waterways in our area. Reply if you’re interested. It’ll be about 2 hours work, you’ll learn about water sampling, take a first step in being a citizen Scientist and hopefully be part of an effort that improves the quality of the water in your area. 

The Circular Economy

MIchelle Licciardi  of the Dublin South City Partnership has been in touch with news of lots of initiatives in the area of the circular enconomy and social enterprise. She works at the Dublin South City Partnership who have lots of ongoing initiatives in this area looking at ways to share innovation, best practice and funding opportunities across all of the Dublin South City Partnership areas, Dublin 4, 6, 8 and 12.  so contact Michelle if you are interested. e.g. here are some very interesting links

Fixmy street is gone – Use Citizen Hub

Fixmystreet has been discontinued. I asked DCC and was sent to this. It’s where you report everything now.
A bit easier to navigate I think.



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Harvest Fair at Richmond Barracks Saturday September 24th, Sunday 25th

here’s all the info you could want on the upcoming Harvest festival!

Hello, and thank you for being part of the Richmond Barracks Harvest Fair.

We would like to make it easy for you to tell people that you are part of it.

You can share

The link to our website 

The link to our activities and workshops 

On Twitter, you can retweet this tweet –

On Facebook you can join and share this event

and you can share this video –

on Instagram you can like or share this to your stories 

You can download 

A video for your social media posts here

Images for your Facebook or Twitter from 

An image of our flyer at

Details on our line-up on

Our flyer is available as a PDF on 

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Inchicore Environmental Group at the City Neighbourhood Awards

We won three first prizes! Here they are! Among them this joint prize with Chapelizod Tidy Towns

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Wish us luck! The IPB Pride of Place Awards


Wish us luck! We are one of the groups representing the Dublin City Council area in the IPB Pride of Place Awards. Our judging presentation takes place on Tuesday the 23rd of August. Fingers crossed.

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A great week for the group – November 13th 2020

A great week for Inchicore Environmental Group. We won the South Central Area City Neighbourhoods 1st Prize for Community Environment Initiative. This is for all our volunteers. And two of them Ken and Joan won individual recognition for their weekly litter patrol on the canal!

And the work goes on. Enagh led a group planting bulbs near Bulfin Court last weekend and earlier this week more neighbours were out planting a small unused patch on Inchicore Road.

Thanks to @DubCityEnviro @DubCityCouncil for supporting and recognising the work our volunteers do. We won’t agree on everything, we will be on your case on some issues but we are grateful for the logistical support we get. Also great to see progress on Turvey Park too.

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Next cleanup Canal on Saturday November 13th | Rascals Brewery visit afterwards| Inchicore Cultural Map | Hard Ground project

Hello all,

Our next canal clean-up is one with a difference! Afterwards, we have been invited to have our cup of tea – and maybe something stronger – and maybe a nibble of something at the newly opened Rascals Brewery in the Goldenbridge estate. They just opened a brewery and restaurant and event space.

So the plan is: meet as normal at the BERA hall 9.45 and then work up towards the other end of the canal and then around 11.30-11.45 or so head down to Rascals just down Tyrconnell Road.

Other news:

Our last cleanup

We had a great clean-up joint effort with our colleagues in Kilmainham Environmental Group. It started at the Dublin bikes and people soon spread out in all directions up into the Bulfin Estate, up Emmet Road and  and into Kilmainham. The group were treated very well by the staff at the Patriot’s Inn. Thanks to all who took  part. Some photos attached which show Inchicore and Kilmainham locations!

Climate change and IEG

We got a great response to our proposed Climate Change community of interest. A mail will be going out shortly to those who replied and hopefully we’ll have a few things to share with you over the coming months.

BERA Hall has a Christmas Fair on November 25th

See attached poster!

Putting Inchicore on the Cultural Map – please reply to us if you are interested in attending a workshop

See below from Kate Chandler about organising a quick workshop to Inchicore on a cultural map of Dublin

I’m emailing you from the Dublin City Council Culture Company to invite the Inchicore Environmental Group to get involved with a project called ‘Heart of the Village’ – a chance to literally put your neighbourhood on the map!

 The aim of Heart of the Village is to gather statements from different groups across Dublin that summarises what lies at the heart of your neighbourhood.

 The plan is for these statements to be shared on an online cultural map of Dublin, to show visitors to the website what your community is all about.

 If possible, I would love to organise a Heart of the Village workshop with the Inchicore Environmental Group.

Typically the session is about forty minutes of chat, and we work together to create a statement that best reflects your community. We come to you, help facilitate the chat, and in the end we have a statement on what’s at the heart of your village.

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in, or if you have any questions. 

Below is a link to our website which will give you further information about the Cultural map, and the other projects we are working on throughout the city including Dublin’s Culture Connects, Culture Club and The National Neighbourhood.

Many thanks, and best wishes,

Kate Chandler

Engagement Coordinator

Dublin City Council Culture Company

Hard Graft – see below – contact them if you are interested

HARD/GRAFT coming soon on November 15th

Come and meet the artist, Seoidin O’Sullivan and find out more about HARD/GRAFT and about how you can get involved.

At 7pm on Thursday November 15th in Richmond Barracks Common Ground will present the project HARD / GRAFT with artist Seoidin O’Sullivan and a panel of speakers that include Professor Gerald Mills and Mary Forrest from UCD.

WHAT IS HARD/GRAFT? A sustainable community orchard proposed for community sites across Dublin 8 that is in tune with the seasons.  Seoidin O’Sullivan, began HARD/GRAFT in 2017 while she was based in studio 468, St Andrew’s Community Centre, Rialto Dublin 8 as part of the studio’s CITIZEN ARTIST awards.  During her time in the studio Seoidin worked with local groups and residents resulting in 80 grafted heritage apple trees from UCD Lamb-Clarke Collection. These trees are currently housed in local community gardens in Rialto for planting across future Dublin 8 orchard sites including Dolphin House Flats Complex.

To register your interest please email: – free tickets will be available from Eventbrite from Friday Nov 2nd.

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Inchicore new food mecca?

Image result for dublin food co op

Good news for eating and drinking in the area:

–          The Green Door Market has moved from Newmarket Square to Bluebell Business Park opposite Brooks. They are here a while but no harm in reminding you where they are. Find out more about them here and on Facebook here.

–          The Dublin Food Coop is also moving in. They’ll be opposite Kilmainham Gaol from November. You can find out more about their plans here and on Facebook here

–          Rascals Brewing will be opening a new brewery, tap room, pizzeria, and event space in the Goldenbridge Industrial Estate hopefully also in November. They are on Facebook here

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Inchicore Regeneration Forum: consulting on the St Michaels redevelopment. Express your views.

This is being set up by Kilmainham Inchicore Network (KIN) to get the views of residents about the proposed redevelopment of the St Michael’s Estate or what is now being called the DCC Emmet Road site now.

There is a proposal published here. This forum is one way to allow the community and representative groups to have their say. There are spaces for representative associations and other local groups. IEG hope to have a rep on the forum.

So, if you have views and want them represented by the IEG, please reply to these questions (we will collate and bring them to the Forum on your behalf).

– Do you agree with the proposed plan for the St Michael’s site?

– If not, what would you change?

– What else would you like to see being done in the area, problems to be fixed, suggestions of changes, improvements.

This is neither a final or definitive list of questions, but it gives our proposed rep something to work with when the meetings kick off.

(BTW) if you’re in another group and want to apply to represent them on the forum, you can do so here: deadline October 23rd…/inchicore-regeneration… )

This is not the only way to make your feelings known – there are councillors, TDs and council officials you could contact as well too. The important thing is to get as clear a view of the concerns and good ideas of as many existing residents as possible.

please EMAIL your replies to us. inchicoreenvironmental AT gmail DOT com


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Climate change and Inchicore

Image result for climate change report

Yes, it seems like such a huge topic for a small area to consider but with the grim report this week and the budget doing nothing about it, it’s timely to start thinking.

So the first step is gathering a group of people who are interested can exchange information about what steps can ordinary people do to reduce their own impact on climate change, especially with a local emphasis, e.g. getting information on locals supports to reducing plastic pollution and increasing reuse, how to facilitate shopping more locally, maybe small campaigns to encourage local shops to use less disposables, sharing of ideas and tips to reduce environmental impact of our lives.

If you are interested in being part of this please email us at we’ll introduce you all to each other. It might be a handy one to get involved in if litter-picking (perfectly understandably) isn’t your bag.…/climate-change-effects-to-be-f…
BTW to our colleagues in Drimnagh and Kilmainham Environmental groups maybe you want to join in on this as well too so feel free to forward on.


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Our next clean-up October 20th: another joint effort

MeetingPointUnion8Our October clean-up is next Saturday week October 20th and it’s another neighbourly collaboration.

We are giving Kilmainham Environmental ( a ‘dig out’ on their very first cleanup. Meeting at 9.45am near the Dublin Bikes on Emmet Road/SCR/4 star pizza. We’ll split up with groups heading off in all directions, depending on numbers. It would be great to spread the word and give our neighbours a nice start.

Afterwards the Patriot’s Inn up the road have very kindly offered us tea and coffee for all, and probably the odd biscuit too.

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