Big Win at the City Neighborhood Awards for IEG

A big win for Inchicore Environmental Group at the recent Dublin City Neighbourhoods awards. For the first time, we won a city-wide award. We came joint first with Chapelizod for doing the clean-up of the River Liffey Park. We also came third for our canal clean-ups. Well done to all our volunteers for keeping all of this going, even when it’s sometimes an icky job. It nice to have Inchicore recognised in a city-wide neighbourhoods win

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Rialto Linear Park

Have your say on how the park from Suir Road Bridge to Rialto Bridge should be developed and enhanced.


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Great events in Inchicore and KIlmainham Area for the History festival

You can see the programme here.

2018 Dublin_Festival_History_2018_final-programme_web

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Lovely morning at the Canal again for our 11th cleanup of the year!


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Neighbourhood Watch Form

If you are supportive of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme for the Bulfin Estate, including Emmet Road, you can use the attached form to sign up and drop it back to the Salon Rouge on Bulfin Road.

2018 neighbourhood watch

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Bulfin Estate Neighbourhood watch

A group of neighbours want to set up a neighbourhood watch scheme in the Bulfin Estate. Here is the form that needs to be filled out.

If you are a resident and support this, Bulfin Estate need 100 households to sign this form to say they approve. If you do, please fill this out, print and return to Salon Rouge on Bulfin Road or email to


Neighbourhood Watch Form


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FESTIVALS! Portobello and Culture Date Dublin 8

Culture Date with Dublin 8 next weekend. 

Culture Date with Dublin 8 is a neighbourhood initiative which aims to celebrate Dublin 8’s rich cultural and historical heritage while encouraging people who live and work in the area to explore what is on their doorstep. This year, Culture Date with Dublin 8 is returning with a festival style weekend long series of free events, workshops and activities on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May. Visit their website at for more information.


Twitter: @CultureDateD8
Instagram: CultureDateWithDublin8s

More on the programme here

SATURDAY 19TH MAY Culture Date with Dublin 8

SUNDAY 20th MAY _Culture Date with Dublin 8

Another festival! Portobello Harbour Festival this weekend

It’s coming down with festivals! This is this weekend. The barges will be converging on Portobello harbour. See attached programme for details. PortobelloPage1Portobello_programme

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Lord Mayor Appreciation Night May 8th

Congratulations to Ken Murphy, Brian Callinan and Erica Bodnare who were nominated by their peers for special recognition by the Lord Mayor among the Canal Volunteers. See photo attached. Ken has rejuvenated the group with representing us on various committees, snaffling equipment (legally), coming up with initiatives like seed-bombs (coming soon!) and generally inspiring others with his drive. Brian and Erica took the initiative to organise the hugely successful Liffey Walk, working on our action plan. thanks to them and as always to all the volunteers  who take part in whatever way in our activities. THere are other ways to spend free time but that you choose to help out in your own area is very praiseworthy. Hopefully we have all made some friends among our neighbours along the way.lordmayorapprecationnight

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Next canal cleanup May 19th meeting 9.45am BERA Hall, photos from last cleanup

Hello all,

Next Cleanup May 19th 10am Canal
After a hugely successful Canal Action Day cleanup last month – see below – we are back on the canal on Saturday April 19th. Meeting at 9.45 for 10am start at the BERA Hall. This meeting slightly earlier worked well the last time as we were able to plan better where people could go. If you are able to make it by that time please let us know because it makes it easier to assign people to places if we know what the final numbers might be. Tea and buns afterwards as ever.
(Next month – June 16th – we will be back at the village cleanup)
Canal Action Day Cleanup last month
this was a huge success with more than 30 volunteers collecting two huge piles of rubbish, one at the Blackhorse end and one at the BERA Hall. Thanks so much to those who turned out. People have remarked how the canal – especially near reeds – stayed clean for much longer afterwards and we really think we made a dent in the long term rubbish situation. Photos attached as well as a lovely message from the Canal Action group summarising all that was achieved.

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Cleanup this Saturday Feb 17th Plus other news

Hello all,

Cleanup this Saturday
We’ll have a cleanup this Saturday meeting at 10am at the Workman’s Club on Emmet Road. Official kick off is 10am but if there’s anyone coming from the Brickfields Parkrun (which has been a huge success by the way, more info here, let us know and we can have someone there to hang on with the gear and let you know where to go.
We’ll work until 11.30 or so and then have tea in the Black Lion
Last cleanup
Despite miserable conditions we had a huge turnout for our last clean up along the canal and we got a huge haul. many thanks to all who turned out, including colleagues from Tidy Drimnagh and also to Kevin and Marie at the BERA Hall for hosting us as ever and Helen for making the tea and bringing the goodies.
Grow it yourself.
There was a very successful Grow it Yourself workshop held last month in the St Michael’s parish centre and a few of our volunteers went along to get some handy tips and tricks for growing incredible edibles.Thanks to Siona from GIY for organising and Richard pictured for all his knowhow
Kilmainham Gaol Tour
A handy-sized group of our members went along to Kilmainham Gaol to be tourists in our own area for an hour or so last week. thanks to Aoife for organising and our tour guide also and there was freee tea and cake afterwards to ease everyone back into the present.
Richmond Barracks – Inchicore on the radio!
You can listen to Eadaoin ni Chleirigh from Richmond Barracks talking about one of this historic areas newest old attractions on the Pat Kenny radio show on Newstalk along with Joe Lee who directed a documentary about it and local historian Liam O’Meara who wrote a book about it. (currently not available but I think it’s in the library)
Actions from our AGM 1- Mini-cleanups. 
At the AGM, it was agreed that in order not to overstetch the group, we would settle on one cleanup per month – as outlined in our schedule attached (TODO).
But also there was interest among members who wanted to do individual cleanups, bag one hour of their own street or bit of road, or anywhere they liked. If you would like to do the odd bit of litter picking, let us know, send on yoru address and we;ll drop some bags to you and info on how to get it picked up. There are a couple of people already doing it so it would be great if we had a small network around the area particularly areas we don’t do our own cleanups in.
Actions from AGM 2 – Issues log. 
A small group of volunteers is currently working on setting up a spreadsheet of the various issues – dumping, graffiti (the crap kind, there’s nice painting going on too!), dilapidation, other –  that affect the area., It’s function is to try and get a running account of any concerns and pass them onto DCC and our local representatives, where applicable. If you have any specific issues you’d like to report reply to this address with them. 

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