The Inchicore Environmental Group formed in late 2012. The group is comprised of Inchicore residents who are interested in improving the appearance of the our area.

We do bi-monthly cleanups and other improvements along the canal and in Inchicore village.

We have won a number of City Neighbourhood Awards in the South City Region for our work. We are keen to work with local groups such as schools, community groups and sporting organisations to help out in Inchicore and its adjacent areas.

To find out more information about the group contact inchicoreenvironmental AT gmail.com (it’s written weirdly to prevent spam :))

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Please also read this.
All of our participants should take note that when we take part in a cleanup or any other activity we do so at your own risk. We are a group of volunteers and all of us are expected to exercise common sense when undertaking any task and to look after our own safety. We don’t supervise fellow participants in clean ups and we don’t give training in health and safety. We can’t supervise minors or people who may have special requirements that necessitate professional supervision and assistance.

We all accept that it is common sense not to attempt to lift a heavy load, particularly if you have a bad back. It is common sense to observe the safe cross code when crossing the road, or not to stand too close to the canal in case you fall in and to exercise caution around water to see if you have any open cuts that could lead to Weil’s disease.

It is common sense not to handle anything that looks dangerous. We are just a group of local residents who give up our free time to keep the area looking good, but we are all individually responsible for our own health and safety.



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