Climate change and Inchicore

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Yes, it seems like such a huge topic for a small area to consider but with the grim report this week and the budget doing nothing about it, it’s timely to start thinking.

So the first step is gathering a group of people who are interested can exchange information about what steps can ordinary people do to reduce their own impact on climate change, especially with a local emphasis, e.g. getting information on locals supports to reducing plastic pollution and increasing reuse, how to facilitate shopping more locally, maybe small campaigns to encourage local shops to use less disposables, sharing of ideas and tips to reduce environmental impact of our lives.

If you are interested in being part of this please email us at we’ll introduce you all to each other. It might be a handy one to get involved in if litter-picking (perfectly understandably) isn’t your bag.…/climate-change-effects-to-be-f…
BTW to our colleagues in Drimnagh and Kilmainham Environmental groups maybe you want to join in on this as well too so feel free to forward on.


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