Cleanups and other news.

Hello all, 

Here is a run-down of bits of news, cleanups and other things that are happening over the next while. 

Harvest Fair Richmond Barracks,  Saturday Cleanup,

This is a lovely event happening next weekend. IEG will be doing a cleanup in advance of it, meeting 10am on Saturday morning at Richmond Barracks and we’ll fan out from there,depending on numbers. 

We’re also hoping to team up with Bluebell for a canal cleanup probably on October 8th.

Issues raised to DCC

  • Neglect of the St Michael’s Parish Centre and HSE Eve Tuiscint while in limbo before the big development. In Progress – we hope to get these cleaned up soon
  • Flooding of the canal towpath near the nursing home in Winter and heavy rain – DCC currently investigating a solution.
  • Top of Goldenbridge Terrace, muddy area near carpark – this has been cleaned up by DCC with the intention it becomes a greenspace. 
  • Grattan Crescent park – ongoing littering. As well as ongoing reporting and litter pickng we are compiling a list of incidents to forward to DCC to get more attention paid to rest of the park, following the excellent refurbishment of the playground. 

Citizen Scientist – water monitoring. We need you help!

As part of the FreshWater Watch Water Blitz 2022 – in conjunction with Earthwatch Europe 30th September – 3rd October 2022 . We are looking for people to be part of a water sampling project to check the quality of the water in the various waterways in our area. Reply if you’re interested. It’ll be about 2 hours work, you’ll learn about water sampling, take a first step in being a citizen Scientist and hopefully be part of an effort that improves the quality of the water in your area. 

The Circular Economy

MIchelle Licciardi  of the Dublin South City Partnership has been in touch with news of lots of initiatives in the area of the circular enconomy and social enterprise. She works at the Dublin South City Partnership who have lots of ongoing initiatives in this area looking at ways to share innovation, best practice and funding opportunities across all of the Dublin South City Partnership areas, Dublin 4, 6, 8 and 12.  so contact Michelle if you are interested. e.g. here are some very interesting links

Fixmy street is gone – Use Citizen Hub

Fixmystreet has been discontinued. I asked DCC and was sent to this. It’s where you report everything now.
A bit easier to navigate I think.



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