Inchicore Environmental Group Public Meeting 8pm 28/11 @ 52A Bulfin Road

Hello all,

I would like to invite you to a public meeting of IEG next Tuesday November 28th De Mazenod Centre 52A Bulfin Road  – meeting space on Bulfin Road opposite St Michael’s Church – see map attached.
The meeting starts at 8pm – sharp, as we’ve a lot to get through.
It’s our first meeting in a while and we’d like to reintroduce ourselves to newer members and get your views on what we want to do next.
Here are the kind of things we’d like to cover:
– Who we are, what we’ve done so far
– Money – where we get it from and how do we spend it
– Reporting dumping issues
– Planting Inchicore and the challenges involved
– Local cleanups of smaller areas – how would they work.
– Outreach with other organisations,  e.g/ grand canals initiative.
– raising awareness, competitions
– new people getting involved.
– Anything else you’d like discussed?
We would love to see as many of you there as possible. If you know of anyone  who would be interested in getting involved please let them know.
(Tea and biscuits provided as standard)
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