New fence erected to prevent dumping at Camac near Kilmainham Gaol.

There was good news on the dumping front. You may have noticed that near the South Circular Road/Emmet Road crossroads, there is a new fence at the advertising billboard. It is to prevent access to and dumping on the banks of, the Camac. They also cleaned up the bank of the Camac. This was directly as a result of representations made by the Kilmainham Inchicore Network through Aoife Hannan and a bit of nagging from us :). Hopefully this will deter at least the lazy dumpers at a very prominent spot visible to all going to-and-from Kilmainham Gaol. It is a good example of achieving small results just through raising awareness and making contacts. Not all issues will be as easily resolved but it’s reason enough to keep on plugging away. There are before and after photos attached.

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