Dublin Canals Action Day Saturday April 22nd 10.45 BERA Hall

Dublin Canals Action Day Cleanup

Saturday week April 22nd is a biggie. There is a huge canal cleanup of Grand and Royal Canals right from the mouths out nearly as far as the M50. We will be gathering at the BERA Hall at 10.45 and doing our usual run but we would love to get as many people as possible in order to stretch down a bit further through the Rialto bit of the canal as well. Because of the scale of it we’ll run a bit longer than usual and go onto 1pm but any amount of time you could chip in would be very much appreciated.

There will be refreshments and chat in the BERA Hall afterwards.

Ken Murphy is heading up this one for us. He has been attending all the meetings and put up posters all over the place Chemist across from Credit Union, Black Lion
Two in area of bottle  bank, Mace near White Horse, White Horse, Shop across from Mace, Charity shop around the corner from same, Oblates ( two , large and small ), Euro Spar, Grocery in Bulfin, Cake shop in Bulfin, Bus shelter at Bulfin, Library, Bulfin sports centre, St Michaels Church. He even got a hug from someone to say thanks!
Any other suggestions of where to put them are welcome!BigCanalCleanupPoster.JPG

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