Take 2! Canal Cleanup Saturday September 17th BERA Hall 10am


Hello all,

As the subject line suggests, we’re going to give a canal cleanup another go! Next Saturday September 17th at 10am at BERA Hall.

Last Saturday’s cleanup had a bit of a hiccup as the weather was manky and also we had a mixup  with the arrangements for the picking gear. My fault for not doing a double check on arrangements so my apologies to the magnificent 7 who braved the conditions to turn up and hopefully the cup of tea and bun was a little bit of a compensation.

Rather than dwell on that, let’s go again for next Saturday and we’ll have the gear sorted this time! For our tea and buns afterwards we’d like it to be a small meeting about what other stuff we could do around the area or areas that need a bit of a focussed cleanup or in general any ideas people have for the group so please bring your ideas.

Also if September 17th is not your bag, on October 8th we’ll be shifting focus to the Kilmainham end of Inchicore as we’ll do a cleanup based at the crossroads of Emmet road and South Circular. The nice people at the lovely new restaurant of Union 8 will provide the tea after that so if you’ve never been, it’ll be a great opportunity to check out a great new business in the area.

Other bits and bobs

  • City Neighbourhood Awards – September 21st 6pm Bluebell Community Centre. Who would like to go? It’s a great way to find out about all the work being done by other community groups in the area. All in all, it’’s a very positive evening. Let us know if you’re going.
  • Dublin City volunteer Recruitment fair  – are you interested in volunteering for other projects in Dublin? there’s a recruitment fair for volunteers on on Tuesday 4th October, at the Carmelite Community Centre on Aungier Street, Dublin 2  5pm to 8pm.

All the best,


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2 Responses to Take 2! Canal Cleanup Saturday September 17th BERA Hall 10am

  1. Terri McDonnell says:

    Thanks Colm. I’m aiming to join you on 17th. Terri

  2. Hi Colm. What times the October 8 cleanup and whereabouts is the meeting point? Cheers. James

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