Thanks | Next cleanup | networking night, | volunteer appreciation night | go-car comes to Inchicore!

First of all thanks so much to all of you who helped out with the Big Dublin Cleanup we did at the Blackhorse canal bridge on Easter Saturday. It was a great turn out and also so heartening to get support from our canal-neighbours down stream and from the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland.
Attached are some photos of the day. One thing we did learn from it is that it’s great to pick one eyesore and concentrate on it, the area is small and a group of people can get a lot done in a short space of time. Ditto any planting or painting, so if you have any suggestion please let us know and we’ll try and get a posse together.
So we’ll do one main cleanup a month and then other projects ‘as they arise’ .
next cleanup April 30th Saturday 10am meeting at the Workman’s club on Emmet Road 
Our next cleanup is April 30th Saturday 10am meeting at the Workman’s club on Emmet Road near the bus-stop and we’ll do around the village for an hour or so. If anyone has any suggestions on particular areas to focus on we can incorporate that into the morning.
Networking night – Dublin City Council’s Public Participation network this Thursday night April 21st 
The objective of the PPN is to promote an active formal role for groups with policy making and oversight committees within Dublin City Council. They’re having a networking evening at Smock Alley on Thursday night. Would anyone like to go and represent us – there’s wine and nibbles! And possibly be our point of contact with them in future
More info about them attached
Grand canal volunteers appreciation night May 4th
Groups and individuals involved with clean-ups along the Grand Canal to the ‘Canal Volunteers Appreciation Night’ which will take place from 19.30 to 22.00 on Wednesday, 4th May in the Oak Room in the Mansion House.  More wine and nibbles – all welcome but do let us know if you are going so we can let them know how many to expect.
Alan from Inchicore hardware in the Goldenbridge industrial estate off Tyrconnell Roa – who kindly sponsored our bibs – wants to let us know that Go-car (a sort of Dublin bikes for cars. This is a great amenity for the area for people that have the need for a Car / Van for an hour or even a day to move or collect things) has a new station outside their shop. more info
All the best,
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