March 2016 Plans

Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of attention to here – but we have been busy. Updates more often our Facebook page  or twitter account 
Firstly a big thank you to those who came out last Saturday week. The weather wasn’t great but we still got a lot done. It was also encouraging to see people who were new or had joined relatively recently, A couple of years ago, the mailing list would have been much smaller and the cleanup might have been cancelled so it’s great to see progress in that way. We got a big haul of stuff from the field at St Michaels, cleaned up as best we could the sort-of yard near the fake cafe (no really, it’s a thing) and a general whizz around the village.
2016-02-20 11.14.55.jpg
Flower bed on Tyrconnel Road
We weren’t able to do any planting or weeding of the flower bed on Tyrconnell Road so what we propose is that if a small group would like to take care of this at a time that suits all of them, just reply to this email and I’ll put you all in touch with one another. It might just be a group of two or three like-green-minded people and can grab a window when the weather is nice. It would be great also if it’s someone who was involved in the original planting. So get in touch here and I’ll hook ye up.
Monthly Canal Cleanup 10am-11.30am March 19th
Our next Canal cleanup is March 19th – as it’s after Patrick’s day there;s a slight chance some of the rubbish might be empty drinks cans! So the arrangements are 10am at the BERA hall on the Canal at the top of Connolly Avenue.
Refreshments in the BERA hall afterwards
The Big Cleanup 11am March 26th
You might have heard about this – as it’s Easter Saturday we thought it might be difficult to get a large group out so what we propose is as follows
We’ll help out. If there’s a few people available to do a clean up of one or too blackspots with a group of people. we’ll help out with whoever’s around.
The area we propose is the canal bank at the Blackhorse Luas stop which is a real eyesore. Eric Conroy ( email econroy AT indigo DOT ie) and Mick Kinihan who are involved in a voluntary capacity with Inland Waterways Association Ireland will be coordinating so they’d love to get a few others to go along. Whoever is around and interested just head along to the BERA hall at 11am to meet up. It would be great to make a dent in that place as it’s manky.
There will be refreshments in the BERA Hall afterwards as well
(also by the way for information, if you’re part of another group, you’re welcome to join us or organise your own one  – you can register here and DCC have all the details
other news,
Continuing the great work being done by the Kilmainham Rialto 1916 group, after a full house the last time, they have another public lecture in Rialto on March 14th.  Full details attached. The Dead of Easter Monday
Thanks as ever,
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